François Lessard - IT Leader


"The leader delegates, gives confidence and makes people grow."

That's the basis of my leadership! My name is François Lessard and I'm an IT leader!

Throughout my career over the past 30 years, I've held a number of technology management roles. My greatest strength is being a team builder, taking the work of my teams to heart and creating a space of trust where my resources can maximize their potential and talent.

Having studied communications and been passionate about IT since my teens, I've developed solid expertise in analyzing business and technological needs, as well as being an excellent communicator and popularizer of the processes, concepts and systems that underpin enterprise technologies.

Through my roles and experiences, I have acquired the skills required to lead the IT sector.

If you're looking for a leader to help your company grow and drive your technology department forward, contact me!

You can also check out my LinkedIn profile.

My Curriculum Vitae (PDF format)