Professional experience

Ivanhoe Cambridge

Vice President, IT Operations
2017 - 2024
Leader of infrastructure platforms and digital experience. Ensure alignment of enterprise architecture with technology architecture. Drive cloud transformation. Develop expertise in intelligent buildings and connected objects (IoT). Ensure the evolution of operating processes. Operate cybersecurity infrastructures and services. Responsible for the budget for technological evolution and operations for the entire organization.

Senior Director, Infrastructure and Operations
2015 - 2017
Senior leader of infrastructure services, applications and operations. Ensure alignment of enterprise architecture with technology architecture. Drive infrastructure transformation for network, telephony, and data centers. Manage cloud computing transformation. Responsible for corporate technology operating budget.

Director, Infrastructure Operations
2014 - 2015
Leader of IT operations including servers, network and applications. Manage the infrastructure operations budget.

Manager, Application Administration
2013 - 2014
Team leader for administration of corporate applications, including JD Edwards, Microsoft SharePoint and SQL databases.

Senior Applications Administrator
2012 - 2013
Responsible for the integration and administration of the corporate intranet using Microsoft SharePoint and SQL Server. Architect of the virtualization platform for database servers.


Technology architect and IT specialist
2008 - 2012
Responsible for the architecture of intranet solutions, including application and data models and server infrastructures.

Support Manager, Applications and Infrastructure
2001 - 2008
Responsible for customer support services. Manage application upgrades. Data center infrastructure architect for Web services hosting. 

MyButler / IC2C

Technology Project Manager
Responsible for e-commerce projects and user support

Point Net Communication

Production Manager
1997 - 2000
Web development team leader

Lessard Communication

1994 - 1997
Web designer and webmaster